New York Straight Men

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New York Straight Men

Meet Jake! He moved to Staten Island from upstate NY. Jake in his Mid Twenties and is a plumber. While he is single he loves playing the field when it come to the ladies.
When it comes to guys he has let a guy suck his cock, but he was always drunk, but is open minded to get blow stone cold sober. Jake loves blowjobs and he was not drunk when Sean blew him. Jake was willing to go with the flow… Even make out!!
He let Sean kiss him, lick him and blow him and as you will see he really enjoyed it!!

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First Time Gay Sex







Bait Bus

Watching these two fuck makes my dick hard. No lie! The whole blind-fold sneak attack blow-job turns me on. Come see what I’m talking about

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It’s time to pick up a sexy hunk of the streets of Miami. We love us some men. Especially those sweaty ones.

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Bait Bus Gay For Pay







Bait Bus

This guy seems like he’s shy, but he sure as heck was blind-folded, ready to get kinky with Vanessa. Sorry! Vanessa isn’t the one doing the cock-sucking.

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We don’t play. When we want. We get. Today we picked up an innocent looking boy. This guy seems like he’s shy

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First Time Ass Fuck And Rimming

First Auditions

This stud wants to cum, and he is gonna let his buddy help him do it. Watch as this first timer gets his gay virginity taken away, first with a finger, then with a hard cock. Even a finger fuck in his tight ass makes him squirm. One thing he definitely liked was feeling that warm man mouth around his hard throbbing pole.

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From Straight To Gay In A Day

Men, Straight To Gay

Scott Campbell is a boat broker waiting on the docks for his prospective client Riley Price to see a new fifty-five footer. Riley arrives and he likes what he sees, the boat is nice too. Scott asks Riley if he’d like to go for a spin around the bay and they head out. Riley takes the wheel but it’s been awhile since he last was in a boat this big and hits the throttle a bit too hard sending Scott overboard! Scott isn’t too happy, but that soon changes when Riley says that he wants to make it up to him and keep him warm.

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Broke Straight Boys Threeway Fuck Session

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Broke Straight Boys has a special treat for the visitors today; Mark, Jimmy and Colin have a very hot threesome. At the time of this video, it’s going to be Mark’s second time getting it while this will be Colin’s first time in a threesome.

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